It’s always smiling, loves the history of the Eternal City and has been named Ludo. We are talking about the mascot of the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships. The name Ludo was chosen by athletics fans across Europe by participating in the social competition on the official Roma 2024 Instagram and X channels.

The final choice of the name was made among four options: Ludo was preferred over Urbe, Astra and Flavio.

The name Ludo fits perfectly with the profile of the mascot, inspired by the tradition of Rome and its most famous monument, the Colosseum. The “Ludi,” in fact, were public games organized by the Roman Empire to entertain people and were scheduled for festivals in the calendar of Ancient Rome. The “Ludi Magni” were dedicated to Jupiter and were inaugurated by King Lucius Tarquinius Priscus.

In Latin language, word “ludus” means play and fun, which will match the spirit of the mascot, ready to entertain people at the Foro Italico Park, where the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships will take place from June 7 to 12 (tickets on sale here).

Ludo is looking forward to discovering city of Rome and to having fun with athletics fans at the Foro Italico Park in June. It will interact with athletes on the competition field and entertain the public in the stands and in the Fan Village, which will be set up outside the Olympic Stadium.