From Tokyo to Rome, Fausto Desalu dreams of another triumph in the Olympic Stadium track, which will host the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships from 7 to 12 June (tickets and season tickets on sale here).

The Italian sprinter, Olympic champion together with the teammates of the amazing Italian relay team that won the gold medal in 2021 in Tokyo (Marcell Jacobs, Filippo Tortu and Lorenzo Patta), is now focused on the continental competition in the Eternal City.

‘As happened for Berruti and Mennea,’ says Desalu, ‘I would also like to be remembered for a great performance in the 200 metres at the Olympic Stadium. The European Championships in Rome will be an unrepeatable chance.”

Desalu was born in Casalmaggiore in 1994 and he fell in love with athletics as a child following the Italian long jump champion Andrew Howe. ‘He is the reason why I am here, every time I see him I thank him for this,’ says the sprinter.

The magical night in Tokyo is still fixed in Fausto’s mind. “When I passed the baton to Tortu and finally saw the time of 37.50 on the scoreboard, I had a crazy adrenaline rush. Then we stood on the podium and sang the Italian anthem, a beautiful emotion,’ Desalu recalls. “If I had to choose one person who was in Tokyo to take with me to the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships in June? A good question, I would definitely think of my mum or my adoptive grandparents. Maybe I would bring them all together in one person and take them with me in Rome’.

In the meantime, Fausto is planning the outdoor season to come back stronger. ”Last year I was only able to take part in a couple of competitions, which unfortunately were not enough to get back into the ranking. I have a great desire to return to compete on the track, last month I was in South Africa to train, and now I have the desire to show who I really am,’ Desalu closes.

Credit photo: Colombo\FIDAL