Like his Italian teammates, he can’t wait for to compete at the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships, which will be held from 7 to 12 June(tickets on sale here), but he is certain that “it will be a great emotion to compete at home”. Lorenzo Patta, born in Oristano (Sardinia) in 2000, won the Olympic gold medal in the 4×100 relay at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games and he was the first runner in the relay with Marcell Jacobs, Fausto Desalu and Filippo Tortu (37,50 Italian record).

Last year he won the silver medal at the Budapest 2023 World Athletics Championships with Jacobs, Tortu and Rigali. The next goal is to triumph in Rome: “I’ll try to give my best at the European Athletics Championships and to achieve a great result.” Patta said.

The Italian sprinter only discovered athletics in the spring of 2016 through the student competitions, having previously played as a football player for Sardinian club La Palma Monte Urpinu and he used to play as a winger. In love with the Eternal City and supporter of As Roma, he will compete at the Olympic Stadium, the home of his favourite team: “I’d like to see some of the football players follow us and get involved,” Patta revealed.

A graduate in sports science, he has become a specialist in passing the baton in the relays: “How did that happen? There is no specific reason, I like the relay. I put myself out there and learn from my older teammates. I’m quite good at it”.

Patta has determination and enthusiasm without any fear for the competition inside Italian team: “We are ten sprinters for four places? I’m not afraid of competition, it helps me to live better and to give my best during the training and in the races”.

After the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships, Lorenzo is looking for Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “Even the gold we won in Tokyo was complicated, the same will be true in Paris. As defending champions, we will do everything we can to repeat our success”.

Credit photo: Grana\FIDAL