How many stars at the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships. In addition to Mondo Duplantis, Femke Bol and the Italian champions, the fans are waiting at the Olympic Stadium for the world record holder in the 400 hurdles Karsten Warholm, one of the most acclaimed athletes.

The 28-year-old Norwegian triumphed at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games with the sensational world record of 45.94, and now he is at the same time Olympic, World and European champion. With just over a month to go, he is aiming to win his third consecutive continental title in Rome after Berlin 2018 and Munich 2022 European Athletics Championships.

Warholm will be competing at the Olympic Stadium for the semi-finals on the morning session of Monday 10 June, while the final is scheduled for the evening session of Tuesday 11 June.

It will be an amazing night  that will also feature the final of the men’s high jump with the great expectation for the Italian captain Gianmarco Tamberi and the final of the women’s 400 hurdles with another world-class athlete like Femke Bol, as well as much more (tickets on sale here).

Warholm‘s career says a lot about his incredible talent (one Olympic gold medal, three World titles, two European outdoor titles and two indoor titles) but it is also his friendly character, his leadership, his iconic shout and his famous ‘slaps’ with which he charges into the starting blocks that have made him an icon of  athletics in the world.

A warrior spirit that transformed him into a Coliseum gladiator in the celebratory graphic with which the European Athletics announced his participation on social media accounts.

His power is impressive: he boasts five of the best ten times of all eras in the 400 hurdles and with his feat in Tokyo, anticipated by 46.70 in Oslo, he managed to erase an historical record, which had stood for almost thirty years, Kevin Young’s 46.78 in Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, dragging the speciality into a new dimension.

In Rome, Warholm has already raced twice at the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea Diamond League meetings, in the 2018 (second) and 2020 editions, when he scored one of his eighteen Diamond League victories.

The Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships await him on the new Olympic Stadium track, for a new chapter in his exciting career.

Credit photo: Colombo\FIDAL